testimonial from a torch member


My experience with TORCH has been unlike anything I’ve had before in my fight to be sober and free. I have struggled with substance use for many years of my life, which has led to jail and a variety of different treatment centers. I’ve also been involved in different recovery groups. But what I found in TORCH is a new definition and meaning of recovery. TORCH has shown me that recovery is more than just staying sober. It has shown me that through my recovery I’m able to have hope, purpose and direction unto myself, my family, and the community. Not only am I recovering things I have lost in my life, I am able to attain things I’ve never had before. In the short time that I’ve been in the TORCH recovery family, I’ve felt a fellowship of love, understanding, support and acceptance no matter what my afflictions are. I see TORCH as a fellowship that is reaching those like me who may have a substance use disorder, but also those whose lives are affected by someone who is struggling with substance use. I have found TORCH to be a place that reaches out to the community and embraces all opportunities to strengthen their recovery family so that they may better support anyone who is struggling. My understanding of what TORCH is and all it has to offer, is like my recovery...always growing! I am excited and can’t wait to see how much more TORCH can help me in my recovery! 

Brent Tislau